Monday, 13 September 2010

My handy work

During my Alevels i designed, constructed and finished this chair as part of my final year project.  I decided i wanted to create a stackable chair, using two materials that were cheap and able to source easily.  I designed a 'Jig' that made the seat and backrest, the 'Jig' was made using wood struts, that were curved at the edges to give the seat and back rest its ergonomic shape.  The frame was made using tubular steel, so it was lightweight.  I shaped and welded the frame myself.  It was finished using a primer spray then a few coats of black steel spray paint to give the matt effect and definitive silver domed screws were used to secure the seat and back rest to the frame.

I am really proud of the way the chair turned out, as it stands out from other regular stackable chairs. 

I think the fact that i designed and built this by myself, shows that i really enjoy working with resistant materials.  And although i chose to go an do a Fashion degree at uni, i still enjoy building, welding, sawing, sanding and everything else that requires the use of some power tools! 

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